Becoming a Content Developer

There are two types of Content Developers we have here at ‘The Book Regard’

To be a Guest Blogger is simple enough. If you have a piece concerning literature or publishing, a short story, a poem, or a book review send us an email containing your submission. The email should include your full name, a short bio, any necessary links/citations and any pictures/art you may have for your bio or piece. You must have complete rights to anything that you submit to us and ‘The Book Regard’ promises the utmost discretion, all rights will still be obtained by you, the author. Please bear in mind that not all pieces will be used, but we will get back to you as soon as possible in regards to when or if it shall be posted, as well as any notes we may have on your piece.

To be an Associated Member of ‘The Book Regard’ please send in a brief Cover Letter and CV to us. As an Associated Member you would be a regular developer of the website, either by offering your services to our Guest Bloggers and readers or by being a regular writer/artist on our blog. Although we don’t have any paid positions directly with the site, we do offer free publicity and a chance to get out into a creative community. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 








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