Disenchanted Graduate?

No matter how small or large the room was, disappointment of a thousand crushed dreams filled it up. Nothing, but the creature under the bed, could feel the radiating oppressing heat. With knotted hair, pimples galore, scabby elbows and dusty feet this monster gave up on trying to find somewhere cool to live and settled into its cave, never to dream again.


Say hello to a disenchanted graduate.

Okay so maybe I am exaggerating. The point being that a weird sort of depression starts to set in after graduation and all the jobs you thought would be open to you are just doors slamming into your face, sometimes with someone behind it telling you ‘sorry we need someone with more experience’…. but usually with utter silence.

A door can’t slam without making a noise you may argue, but just wait! This phenomenon will become a daily occurrence (and honestly expected after a while). The rejection letters that have been copied and pasted into an email addressed to your name are usually a welcome relief to this silence.

I keep trying to go back, trying to see a different strategy than what I have done… such as:


1)   Talked to my advisors and teachers more.

  1. Not just about my grades or projects, but networked more. This could lead up to asking if they knew of any opportunities job wise that would help me with my future job. You see in school I may have worked through it all, but I wasn’t thinking yet on my future career, I was thinking about passing my grades and paying my bills!

2)    Taken more initiative.

  1. My chosen career path is publishing. I could have gained more of a reputation by writing more pieces and seeking to have them published, I could have formulated or joined clubs centered on literature/writing/literacy etc.

3)   Created more of a game plan.

  1. Before I started my MA (4 months after graduating with my BA) all I did was work two jobs and save money. A necessary thing, yes, but I should have been using all my spare time to begin applying for either a job or internships to last the year (I studied abroad, the program only lasted a year unlike in America).


The lesson I learned? You could always be doing something more. In other words, time to get out of the disenchantment phase and work!

Over the next year I will be working with Noemi Press in the lovely Las Cruces, as well as finding a second job. Gaining all the experience I need to start my career in publishing and all the money I need to prepare for my eventual move back to London. I also plan on trying to update my blog monthly and finding a designer to help it look up to scratch. So bear with me a little longer, my dear readers, as we start this journey together.


Best Regards,



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